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 PDFClerk version 3.4

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Matos : iMac alu en OS 10.10 - G4 en OS 10.5 - MacBook Pro Ubuntu - PC en Ubuntu 16.04
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MessageSujet: PDFClerk version 3.4   7/10/2008, 16:37

António Miguel Câncio Reis Jacinto Nunes, l’auteur de PDFClerk a encore frappé du code sur son clavier.

[mise à jour : sortie de la version 3.4]

Avez-vous remarqué son sourire sardonique pour vous annoncer la sortie de la version 3.2 ?
Téléchargeable comme d’habitude ICI

Plein d’améliorations, de corrections et autres modifications :

* New: Outlines are now scriptable.
* New: PDF actions are now scriptable.
* New: Option to apply a filter when exporting to PDF or bitmaps. (So you can now produce PDF-X or reduce file size, etc.) .
* New: Application preference to open the most recent document on startup. This option overrides the "open untitled document" option when activated and is on by default.
* New: Imposition templates can now be duplicated in the impositions editor.
* New: Text on a page can now be directly accessed in scripts (e.g: "first paragraph of page 1").
* Changed: Removed the file type selector from the save panel. The proper way to choose what kind of file to write to disk is by either saving (type:PDFClerk) or exporting (type:PDF).
* Changed: When ending editing of a text box by clicking outside the box, the text box will now remain selected (unless the click is on another object: then that object will be selected instead). This makes it more convenient to nudge text boxes after entering text.
* Changed: Progress info sheets during save and export now provide improved feedback.
* Fixed: Corrected an oversight that could cause a PDFClerk Pro file to fail to open under certain circumstances.
* Fixed: Corrected an error when saving a PDFClerk document with rotated pages to disk, that could cause those pages to have missing parts upon the document being read back in.
* Fixed: Resolved off-by-one scripting issue in the page ranges argument of the Export command. If your scripts work around the issue up to now, you'll need to remove the work-around. (The range indexes are now one based, instead of 0 based).
* Fixed: Resolved a crash that could occur when saving large documents to disk in demo mode.
* Fixed: Resolved an issue with QuickLook when saving imposed documents to disk.
* Fixed: Several corrections to the inspector panel when inspecting outline actions. (E.g. it now updates when an outline is selected while the caps lock key is down.).
* Fixed: Corrected issue with annotation inspector when a button widget has no caption.
* Fixed: Progress indicator when saving to bitmaps now works again.
* Fixed: Some watermark issues related to changing and syncing to source.
* Fixed: A glitch when placing an annotation on the page by dragging, where the feedback rectangle would not match the drag.
* Fixed: Corrected an issue where copying a static annotation and pasting it to another page made the pasted annotation uneditable.
* Fixed: When copying pages between documents using thumbnail views, the page list would not reflect the changes.

On ne fait jamais d’erreur sans se tromper !
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Légende vivante

Nombre de messages : 6529
Age : 64
Planète : Creuse
Matos : iMac alu en OS 10.10 - G4 en OS 10.5 - MacBook Pro Ubuntu - PC en Ubuntu 16.04
Date d'inscription : 19/11/2006

MessageSujet: Re: PDFClerk version 3.4   10/15/2008, 20:52

La version 3.4 a tout ça de neuf ou de corrigé :

New: Turn off hierarchical indentation during auto outline creation.
New: Apply hierarchy altering actions through the find and replace dialog for outlines.
New: Freetext annotations can be edited inline. (Double click annotation to start editing.)
New: Double clicking an annotation changes to the correct work mode for that annotation and selects it, regardless of what the current work mode is. Freetext annotations and text boxes will automatically enter editing mode.
New: The prefix/suffix fields of the relabel dialog support the special variables "$title", "$author", "$subject", "$sourceName", "$currentPageNumber" and "$totalPages", which are dynamically replaced by their respective values in the document, both when displayed in the page list, and when rendered on the pages. (So the labels adjust automatically as you reorder pages and/or add/remove pages, or alter some document attributes.
New: Name based watermarks support the same special variables mentioned above.
New: Added workmode selection buttons to the Toolbar.
New: New application preference to open PDFs after exporting them (does not apply to exploded PDF generation).
New: Added link, under the Help Menu, to the online tutorials.
Changed: Creating outlines from selected links now flows through the auto outline creation dialog, providing more control and better results, especially in the case of columnar TOC layouts.
Changed: From now on, leaving the number field empty in the relabel pages dialog will cause the page number to be omitted from the label during the relabeling process.
Changed: Moved Find Field from Toolbar to the Find list.
Changed: Redesigned a number of Toolbar items.
Changed: Redesigned the list views navigation bar.
Changed: Made some changes in scripting terminology to page inclusion and exclusion types, since some terms were conflicting with other properties (namely: first page, last page).
Changed: Formatting of samples in the search results list now conforms to the more usual formatting as in Apple's preview.
Changed: Other minor UI tweaks.
Fixed: Using the Tab key to indent outlines now correctly takes into account whether the option key is being held down (previously it was always treating it as down).
Fixed: Resolved an issue between the inspector and line endings, which could cause unpredictable behaviour.
Fixed: Removed FDF export menu, which made it into a recent update by mistake.
Fixed: Multiline page labels are now shown in the page list with all linefeeds removed. (This should clear up some cases where the display could become messy.).
Fixed: Scripting an annotation's stroke style to solid now works.
Fixed: Setting properties of static annotations in scripts did not always update the content view.
Fixed: Improved implementation of watermark scriptability. All properties should now be settable and readable.
Fixed: Making a new outline in a script now successfully returns a reference to the new outline.

On ne fait jamais d’erreur sans se tromper !
L’affaire est dans le sac de Prévert et Prévert
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PDFClerk version 3.4
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