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 Adium 1.3.1

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Age : 69
Planète : Terre
Matos : iMac 2,4 Ghz Intel -Leopard Snow - Macbook - 2,4 GHz - 2 Go - Leopard Snow
Date d'inscription : 19/11/2006

MessageSujet: Adium 1.3.1   9/8/2008, 09:46

La nouvelle version est ici
avec les modifs suivantes :
Citation :
Version 1.3.1 (9/7/2008) SVN Revision: [25133]

* Fixed import wizard failing during import of inline images (#10912)
* Fixed a crash when Adium tries to update an account password (#10792)
* Fixed show offline contacts not working when groups are disabled (#10420)
* Fixed messages for multiple MSN group chats showing up in the same chat (#1583)
* Fixed syslogd consuming resources due to invalid requests via Facebook (#10588)
* Fixed German Localization of „Eingabetaste“ in General Preferences (#10801)
* Fixed display issues Appearance Preferences (#10803)
* Fixed a security vulnerability discovered by the Zero Day Initiative
* Fixed a crash during DNS resolution when trying to connect to MSN (#10808)
* Fixed local user's Avatar not updating in open message windows after change (#10210)
* Fixed aliases changing to nicknames following sign-in (#10550)
* Fixed Facebook timing out when attempting to connect (#10718)
* Fixed spellcheck defaulting to systemwide default (#10752)
* Fixed offline bg color being mis-applied to metacontacts with online accounts (#10784)
* Fixed invisible dock icon continuously flapping its wings (#10786)
* Fixed contact inspector opening on wrong tab (#10825)
* Fixed a crash when using Sametime/Meanwhile (#10830)
* Fixed a crash when searching logs via the Transcript Viewer (#10866)
* Fixed "Connected: Offline" when MSN contact connects with no personal message (#10873)
* Fixed checkboxes jumping around in the status window (#10790)
* Existing logs are no longer world readable (#1834)
* Edges between multiple displays no longer trigger showing hidden contact list (#10204)
* Removed $$ emoticon (#10949)
* Update Danish, German, and Hungarian localizations

"Il faudrait convaincre les hommes du bonheur qu'ils ignorent, lors même qu'ils en jouissent" (Montesquieu).
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Adium 1.3.1
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