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 Skim 1.2 - annotation de PDF

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MessageSujet: Skim 1.2 - annotation de PDF   11/11/2008, 12:23

Version 1.2 de Skim avec un bon nombre de nouvelles fonctions et les habituelles corrections :

New Features
* New freehand note type, only supported through tool mode.
* Allow choosing an associated document with presentation notes to be navigated simultaneous with the presentation. Requires a 1-to-1 correspondence of pages.
* Improvements to notes document. Support searching, printing, and multiple selections.
* Support Word 2007 Format (docx) templates (Leopard only).
* Add file name as comment to keychain items.
* Allow opening some PDF files with a wrong extension.
* Allow changing the default text color for text notes (Leopard only).
* Use capsule style toolbar buttons on Tiger.
* Add optional "-r" argument to displayline script to revert the document.
* Add option to match the scale in the split PDF with the main PDF: select "=" in the scale popup.
* Support for trackpad gestures in snapshot and split PDF features.
* New AppleScript command to grab part of a page as an PDF or TIFF image.

Bugs Fixed
* Fix open script command on Tiger.
* Fix PDF-TeX backward search for the Aquamacs Emacs preset.
* Fix saving of anchored notes from a notes document.
* Avoid a hang after the first double-click in tables.
* Avoid an excaption that could occur when closing a document with an active search.
* Smoother fade out of full screen windows.
* Use consistent set of icons for various note types.
* Fix for an exception in the Info window.
* Remember the current page after page rotation.
* Clean "alien" characters from selection strings.
* Fix PDFSync and SyncTeX support for file names containing spaces and periods.
* Fix sorting exception in notes document.
* Fix a crasher when removing a bookmark while editing it.
* Make sure old Skim notes are removed from extended attributes when saving.
* Make sure the main window becomes key after closing a note or snapshot window.
* Fix a crasher that could occur when closing a document with open snapshots.
* Allow more complex recursive specifiers for scripting selections, as well as selections in the whole document.
* Change preference keys for text note font, you may need to set it.
* Only set fullscreen key window when the main or side window was key.
* Allow saving passwords for files without an ID in the Keychain.

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Skim 1.2 - annotation de PDF
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