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MessageSujet: Bean 2.4   8/31/2009, 22:58

L’excellent petit traitement de texte dont le prix est inférieur à celui d’un haricot pas cuit puisqu’il est gratuit, sorte de textedit très fortement amélioré ou de ms/open/neo-office très fortement allégé, au choix, évolue en version 2.4 avec une floppée de changements et d’améliorations :

Version 2.4: Enhancements

  • the color, shape and the blink behavior of the text cursor can be altered using the controls found under Bean Preferences > General > Text Cursor (user suggestion)
  • added File > Print Selection which will print only the selected text in a document. Multiple selections in a single document are merged, unless ‘Bean Preferences > Advanced > Document > Print Selection… separates multiple selections’ is enabled.
  • Print Selection… is also available in the context menu (which appears when you right-click or control-click in the document area)
  • the context menu for the document area and the Find/Replace fields now has an Insert menu that allows easy insertion of tabs, paragraph breaks, page breaks, line breaks, and non-breaking spaces
  • Edit > Insert > Note (shortcut: Ctrl Cmd n) will insert a note in the document using the font, size, text color and highlight color set under Bean Preferences > Advanced > Notes Mode. Preferences for notes include automatically adding brackets and starting a new paragraph.
  • Font > Notes Mode turns on *continuous* notes mode. Wherever the text cursor is placed, text typed there will start a new note. De-select Font > Notes Mode to return to normal editing. This is meant to be used like a ‘teacher’s red pen.’ Choose a distinctive font (example: Marker Felt) and color (red, or black with yellow highlight) that will make your notes stand out from the rest of the text. That way, you can later use Style > Select by > Font Style / Color / Highlight Color to select all notes and remove them. Notes cannot be hidden.
  • added File > Show in Finder menu item. Hint: Cmd-click the title of a saved document in the title bar of its window to see its location.

  • File > Special New > With Current Selection can now use multiple text selections
  • .doc and .odt files now use the default paper size found under System Preferences > Print > Default Paper Size (since Apple’s file conversion filters do not read in the paper size for these formats and users expecting A4 were getting U.S. Letter) (user suggestion)
  • added a Header type: Title, Author page# (user suggestion)
  • removed the Close button from the bottom of the Preferences window (because the window already has a close button in the upper left) (user suggestion)
  • page breaks now display as a diamond when View > Show Invisibles is selected (user suggestion)
Bug Fixes

  • the display bug where the text cursor would leave little dots behind it is, I hope, now fixed (user reported)
  • fixed a problem where memory wasn’t released when sheets were dismissed
  • Edit > Insert > Signature Line works better now
  • fixed a problem where the scrollbar would sometimes jump erratically when editing the middle of a long document with Center Cursor Vertically enabled
  • fixed a bug where File > Special New > With Current Selection could create an untitled document that was erroneously assigned to plain text type before saving (user reported)
  • fixed a bug where the type of measurement units initially used in the Bean Preferences > Style pane could be reported incorrectly as inches instead of centimeters (user reported)
  • Edit > Remove > All Text Tables now works
  • fixed a bug where unsaved and unedited documents created with File > Special New > With Current Selection would close without a save prompt Code
  • UI tweaks, improved menu validation, cleaned up some code, documentation updated
  • removed GPL legal language from JHFindPanel.[mh] (all files directly related to the Find Panel and its regular expression functions are covered by BSD or similarly permissive license)

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Bean 2.4
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