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 Carbon Copy Cloner 3.3

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MessageSujet: Carbon Copy Cloner 3.3   9/25/2009, 20:38

Bombich Software a mis à jour sa bombe CCC, y compris pour le minou des neiges Trop content

Voilà les améliorations :

Snow Leopard-specific improvements

• Added support for HFS+ filesystem compression that was introduced in Snow Leopard.

• To correspond with how the Finder and Disk Utility report these values on Snow Leopard, CCC will now use base 10 for reporting MB and GB on Snow Leopard. CCC will continue to use base 2 to report these values when booted from Leopard or Tiger.

• CCC now manually updates the dynamic link library cache after cloning an OS because the OS no longer does this automatically.

Improvements for everyone

• Improved the performance of backing up a large number of files with extended attributes.

• It is no longer a requirement that CCC be installed on media that supports the setuid bit.

• Added a bootability notification that will notify users when a target volume's underlying disk is partitioned with the MBR partitioning scheme (rather than the Apple-recommended GUID partition scheme).

• CCC properly exlcudes filesystem index databases (e.g. Spotlight and FSEvents) that will be rebuilt on the target volume anyway. Additionally, the .metadata_never_index cookie is now preserved on the target volume if you had manually set it there to prevent Spotlight indexing of your backup volume.

• Increased the increment value of the disk image segment size stepper from 1 to 25. Now it takes mere seconds to get from 650MB to 4.6GB.

• Fixed a bug in which CCC would incorrectly report that it was unable to delete a conflicting item on the target when using the "Archive modified and deleted items" option.

• CCC now properly excludes the Time Machine database when backing up a hard drive using the "Backup everything" cloning method in file-level mode.

• Addressed an issue in which the source and target menus would not be properly updated if a disk disappears unexpectedly in the middle of a backup task.

• Enhanced the bug reporting feature.

• Much like the Snow Leopard update, this release includes hundreds of tweaks and adjustments to improve performance and reliability.

Note: Starting with CCC version 3.1.1, banners will be displayed at the bottom of the cloning status window. Learn more about why I've implemented banners here, and please visit my TipJar for more information on these banners.

Oui faut bien lire la note, hein Moqueur
Parce qu'être dev c'est pas une vie si on gagne rien du tout, vaut mieux pirater les comptes des traders Pirate

Au fait le nouveau CCC c'est pour Mac OS 10.4.8 ou ultérieur, tant pis pour les gros minous obsolètes Cool

Ah et puis oui, c'est par là.
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Carbon Copy Cloner 3.3
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